Valve updates Artifact FAQ with new launch details

Valve updates Artifact FAQ

Valve has a tricky job to do explaining the game to the huddled masses who are used to fighting on a single board. To help that process, over the weekend Valve updated its FAQ page with more information on Artifact's launch and beyond. I'm unclear exactly which sections were added, but we do now know what the $19.99 pre-order will get you: 10 booster packs, 5 event tickets (which grant access to 'Gauntlets' that you'd otherwise need to pay for because they grant prizes), and two starter decks: Red/Green 'Brawler' and Blue/Black 'Control'.

What's less clear at this point is whether pre-ordering will grant you access to the next phase of the beta which begins on 19 November, just over a week before the full release on 28 November, thus making it more of a demo. In the absence of that info, or any sense of what benefits pre-ordering confers, it makes even more sense than usual to wait and see.

PcGamer: Valve updates Artifact FAQ with new launch details
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